Why Choose 21 Minute Fitness

Convenience Fitness is really starting to catch on.

Our Program

No matter what your current fitness level (from couch potatoes to elite athletes, to Seniors who have never worked out before!), we can help you achieve and maintain a lifetime of fitness and health in just 21 minutes.


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For Seniors

As we age, our fitness needs change…Joints may become achy and less flexible, strength decreases and bones become more fragile. The 21 Minute Convenience Fitness program is on target with the requirements of Seniors.

Weight Loss

Many of our members lose inches and actually re-shape their bodies in just a few weeks of beginning our program! Some even report losing weight, without introducing any other significant lifestyle or nutritional changes.

Studio Location

21 Minute Fitness:  2635 North Main St, Walnut Creek CA 94954 

Membership Info: (925) 280-8211

Hours of Operation:  Mon-Fri 6am – 8pm, Sat 8am – 3pm, Sun Closed